Alternative Mushroom Grow Kit Setups

Howdy Mushroom Farmer! This post will cover the basic rundown of creating your own style of a "home" for your shiitake mushroom log. 

If you ordered our mini mushroom farm kit - you'll notice that the kit comes with a very pretty box that we are super proud of 😉, water trays, spray bottle, and a hygrometer (humidity/temperature reader.)

We designed our kits to include everything you need to grow your shiitake log properly without needing any additional supplies or equipment.

Therefore - everything on this page moving forward is not required but use it as a guideline to spice things up if you want to continue to grow mushrooms after your first run through!

This is where the fun comes into play because you can allow yourself to be creative with your setup as long as you have the following in place:

- Temperature (60°F-75°F)

- Humidity above 70%

- Spraying the log or providing water to the log consistently

- Avoiding direct sun light

- Access to oxygen

That's pretty much it. Pretty simple to follow right?!

That's why it's so much fun because you get the ability to experiment and you can test different variations of setups to see which produces the best mushroom harvest.

I'm constantly testing different methods and trying to get more and more creative!

Down below I'll provide pictures of different setups that I have used to grow mushrooms and as we get more submissions from our customers I'll drop them in here too!