How To Get Multiple Harvests For Your Shiitake Mushroom Log

Hey Mini Mushroom Farmer!

If you are reading this we hope that you had a successful first harvest and you are excited to continue the journey towards achieving a second harvest (or more!)

We guarantee at least one harvest with every kit but the success and amount of mushrooms are based on the proper care / environment that the owner provides the mushroom. 
Just like anything else the more experience you get at growing mushrooms the better results you will see over time!
Every additional harvest produces less and less as the mushroom spawn use the log as nutrients and eventually the log will run out. 
Our first time growers get an average of 2 harvests while more experienced growers can get more. Here at our farm we usually aim for 3-4 solid harvests before swapping out to a fresh log, but the max we've gotten was around 7 harvests from a single log!
Once you complete your first harvest there will be a "recovery" phase where the mushroom log will start to heal all of the broken pieces of the log that were removed when picking the mushrooms.
Once it's done doing that it will start to put energy back into growing the mushrooms. Continue to water it each day until you see the chipped parts of the log starting to heal and then place the log in the fridge for 3 days before restarting the process in the handbook!
Video Version of the Instructions: