Mushroom King Farm during a sunny day

Our history

Back in the late 1990’s, the popularity of donko shiitake mushrooms started to skyrocket in the United States. Our family saw the opportunity to bring centuries worth of shiitake growing techniques from China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea in order to create the best around.

Since 2001, we have been able to produce a shiitake mushroom that is meatier, more flavorful and it even retains more nutrients than your average mushroom. We pride ourselves on the quality of our mushrooms and spreading the joy to as many people as we can.

Founders of Mushroom King Farm

Our practices

We take pride in our sustainable growing practices. By using the techniques that we learned from all over Asia we are able to reduce the water consumption to a small fraction of the industry standard. We limit our carbon footprint by using sunlight, natural air currents, and our unique greenhouses to heat and cool our growing rooms. As farmers it is our responsibility to take care of the land that feeds us!

Our mushrooms are certified 100% USDA organic and PCO certified.

Bulk Mushroom King Farm's shiitake mushrooms

We are extremely dedicated to developing long standing relationships with our customers and have been fortunate enough to work with over 100+ companies and some of the biggest brands in the nation.

Our farm's currently produce and distributes over 100,000 pounds of mushrooms each month! If you or your company is interested in working with us please go to our contact page for more information.

Who is behind the magic?

Meet the founder

Joshua Ho

Co-Founder & CEO

Joshua graduated with a Master’s degree from Drexel University and eventually went on to work at one of the biggest financial firms in the country. He ended up leaving the firm in 2014 in order to help his family grow the farm into what it is today! Outside of the world of mushrooms; Joshua is passionate about powerlifting and enjoys playing fetch all day with his dog.

CEO Joshua Ho