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3 x Shiitake Log "King Bundle"


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This bundle includes 3 shiitake mushroom logs WITHOUT the growing kit accessories

This is perfect for those who already have their mini mushroom farm kit or those who already have their own mushroom growing set up! Grow one, save one, and you still have an extra to give away! 🍄🤪

This bundle includes:

3 x Shiitake Mushroom Logs 

*If you need growing instructions you can download the handbook or visit our education page for more in-depth instructions.


Bringing the farm directly to you!

Not only will you be receiving the same exact shiitake mushroom logs that we use to grow our own here at the Mushroom King Farm; you will get the chance  to taste the real meaning behind the phrase “farm-to-table.”

Here's what to expect from your new farm!

Each kit will come with a natural oak log that’s inoculated with shiitake spawn. These are the same logs that we use here on the farm,so there has been nearly 2 decades of quality assurance and testing to make sure each log is perfect!

Once you receive your kit; you can either follow the simple instructions in the booklet that we provide or you can visit our education page where you can watch video tutorials instead.

Watch Your Mushrooms Grow!