Shiitake Mini Mushroom Farm Kit (Pre-Order)

*Pre-orders available nowOrders Shipping out November 1st!*

Ready to become a Mushroom Farmer?!

Enjoy the fun of growing your very own Organic Shiitake mushrooms at home!You can become a mushroom farmer by following a few easy steps and like magic; you’ll have a fresh batch of the best mushrooms the country has to offer!

Our kit includes everything you need to get started:

  • 1 Shiitake mushroom log

  • 1 Mist Sprayer Bottle

  • 1 Hygrometer (Humidity/Temperature reader)

  • 3 Water Trays

  • 1 Awesome looking box that houses your mushroom log

This is the ultimate mushroom growing starter kit that is perfect for anyone regardless of their growing experience. If you are a seasoned pro or you have all the supplies needed to grow mushrooms we sell the logs individually too! Click here.

Bringing the farm directly to you!

Not only will you be receiving the same exact shiitake mushroom logs that we use to grow our own here at the Mushroom King Farm; you will get the chance  to taste the real meaning behind the phrase “farm-to-table.”

Here's what to expect from your new farm!

Each kit will come with a natural oak log that’s inoculated with shiitake spawn. These are the same logs that we use here on the farm,so there has been nearly 2 decades of quality assurance and testing to make sure each log is perfect!

Once you receive your kit; you can either follow the simple instructions in the booklet that we provide or you can visit our education page where you can watch video tutorials instead.

Watch Your Mushrooms Grow!

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